Get Your Lucky Charm Egghead Today

Mint Your NFT and Support a Creative Movement

Ready to join the Lucky Charm Eggheads community and contribute to a unique creative movement? With a modest investment of 0.0099 ETH and gas fees, you can mint your own Lucky Charm Egghead NFT and become an inaugural supporter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet and ensure that Metamask is active to access the Connect and Mint button.
  2. Click the Connect Wallet button and choose your preferred wallet provider.
  3. Once your wallet is linked, click the Mint button to commence the minting process.
  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction, covering the minting cost and gas fees.
  5. After confirming the transaction, allow a few minutes for the blockchain to process the transaction and mint your Lucky Charm Egghead.
  6. Once the transaction is confirmed, your Lucky Charm Egghead will be minted and sent to your digital wallet. You can view it in your wallet, and it will be yours to keep forever.

So why wait? Mint your Lucky Charm Egghead today and become a vital part of our vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts and supporters.

Luck will decide which Lucky Charm Egghead you get. You will love them all!
First connect to your Wallet and select the Ethereum Mainnet. Then press the mint button.

The Lucky Charm Eggheads Contract: 0xcf7bAa6A94BA897CaDfe0db3C9776d055BF4849D on the ETH Mainnet.

Order your Lucky Charm Egghead NFT

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